Why is my withdrawal reversed?

2022-04-27 13:10

If you made a withdrawal and the withdrawal was declined and reversed to your Nairabet account, it may be that your bank is unavailable when the request was processed or the bank account details inputted belongs to a third party, or you do not have enough winnings or part of your deposit is included in the withdrawal.  

For deposit withdrawal/part of deposit withdrawal:  

On the nairabet platform, you can only withdraw your winnings only as all deposit can only be used to place bet.

For instance, you fund N10,000 and used N1,000 to place a bet, you will be left with N9,000. Let say you win N20,000 from the bet placed with N1,000, you will be left with N29,000 as your balance. At this, you can only withdraw N20,000 as N9,000 is part of the deposit.    

For not enough winnings:

For instance, you fund N1,000 and placed a bet with N100, you will be left with N900. Let say you won N500 from the bet placed with N100, your current balance will be N1,400. At this, you only have a winning of N500 which is not up to the minimum amount for withdrawal.

For low odds:

For instance, you fund N1,000 and placed a bet with N1,000. Let say you won N1,150 which then make your current balance N1,150. At this, you will be unable to make a withdrawal as the bet won is won from an odd below 1.20.

For you to be able to make a successful withdrawal, the total odd on the bet slip must be at least 1.20 odd.

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