How do I fund using mCash (NIBSS)?

2020-10-26 10:57

To fund using mCash, kindly dial *402*89401890*AMOUNT# using the mobile number linked to your BVN.

When you dial the code you will see a list of your registered banks, select the bank you would like to use and input your customer reference or account ID

Note that your customer reference is also known as your account ID.

To view your customer reference or account ID, kindly log into your NairaBet account.

Enter your customer reference or account ID then input your Instant Banking PIN/Passcode.

If you do not have a PIN/Passcode, you will be required to register for a PIN/Passcode.

Once you enter the required details correctly proceed to confirm the transactions.

Congratulations!!! your NairaBet account has been funded.

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