How do I fund at the ATM?

2021-04-22 09:36

The requirements needed to fund your account using the ATM are your ATM card and your NairaBet customer identification number (Customer ID).

Visit the nearest functioning ATM, insert your ATM card and enter your PIN.

After that, this type of page will open.

Select Quickteller. If you cannot find Quickteller, you can select Pay Bills.

Please note that some ATMs at some GTB branches will show "Fund Wallet".

Select "Fund Wallet" and it will show "Fund GT Wallet" or "Fund Other Wallets".

Then select "Fund Other Wallets" and it will lead you to the next page.

 After that, the list of merchants like DSTV will come up.

Select Others. The machine will now ask you to enter your merchant code.

The merchant code you will enter depends on the amount you want to fund your account with.

Here are the codes.

  • N1,000 --- 04276801 
  • N2,000 --- 04276802 
  • N3,000 --- 04276803 
  • N4,000 --- 04276804 
  • N5,000 --- 04276805
  • If you want to fund more than N5,000 or any other amount you want enter the code 04276806.

The machine will ask you how much you want to pay.

Enter the amount you want to pay and move to the next page.

The next thing is to enter your NairaBet customer identification number.

After entering your ID, it will bring up your name.

If it brings up another name, that means you have entered the wrong ID so cancel it and do it again.

Confirm it if the details are correct and confirm payment.

Some machines will ask you to enter your telephone number. Enter it and you will be sent a confirmation message. However, note that this is not compulsory.

That is it. Before you get back home, your account would have been funded.


Now go to that ATM near you to fund your account.

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