How do I fund using Quickteller?

2020-10-26 09:35

To fund using quickteller, click here or you can visit to continue.

Enter your email address, your customer reference (also known as your account ID), select Nairabet online player, and enter the amount.

* To view your customer reference/ account ID, kindly log into your NairaBet account and click on the face icon at the right corner of your screen.

After entering your customer reference on the Quickteller platform, you will be required to enter the following details;

Card number: these are the numbers in front of your ATM card. It is usually 16 digits, however, in some ATM cards, it may be more than 16 digits.

Account Type: select either Savings or Current.

CVV: these are the three digits at the back of your ATM card. Note that some cards may have 7 digits. In such cases, please enter the last three digits.

MM/YY: this the expiry date of your ATM card. It can be seen in the front of your ATM card.

Pin: this is your ATM card pin.

Once you have inputted these details correctly, you will be sent an OTP.

The OTP will be sent to the mobile number you registered with your bank.

Once you receive the OTP, please input it in the space provided and click on pay.

Then your account will be funded successfully!!!

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