How do I view details of my transaction history ?

2020-09-02 18:05

To view the details the transactions carried out on your Nairabet account, kindly login into your Nairabet account, click on your Customer Id if you are using a desktop,or Account if on mobile device and then click Wallet History.

On the next page, select the type of transaction you want to view; All,Payouts or deposit. Kindly set your "from" and "to" dates to cover the period you want your search results to show.

The page gets refreshed and a list of all transactions done on your account is displayed. A page displays 25 transactions with the transaction IDs and dates being listed as well.

If you can't find your transaction(s) on the first page, kindly scroll to the bottom of the transactions list and click on next. This will open the next 25 transactions, just keep that going till you actually see what you are looking for.

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