How do I change my Nairabet account password ?

2021-04-28 14:59

To change your Nairabet account password if using mobile version, kindly visit the NairaBet site. Click on ''Account'' at the bottom of the page.

and then forgot password?.

Input your email address or phone number attached to the Nairabet account then click Forgot Password.

If using the desktop version,click on Login

and then Forgot Password

The system will automatically generate a link which would be sent to your registered E-mail address if using email address or send a code to the registered phone number if using that option.

You will be required to click on the link sent to your email  or input the code sent to the phone number in the space that is provided to complete password reset.

 Please go ahead and reset your password to a preferred one you can easily remember.

Also, if you want to change your password at any time, click on "My Account" on the top right corner to change your password to something you will easily remember.

It is that simple!

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