What is Lucky 6?

2019-08-07 14:57

The lucky six is a betting type where players are required to predict certain numbers correctly between 1 to 48.  

It includes a draw made every 2 minutes. A player is expected to make a prediction of at least six numbers and expect to see the predicted numbers once the draw for that round is made.

There are basically two forms of betting under Lucky 6, number or standard betting and special betting.


Number Betting

The number betting requires a player to predict at least 6 numbers of the 48 numbers that will be displayed when the pool is drawn. The amount to be won is determined by the number displayed beside wherever the last digit drops.

For example, if a player predicts the six numbers; 40, 22,9, 6, 2, 25 and 15. After the pool is drawn, the image below is the result:

From the image above, all the numbers predicted by the player were drawn in the pool in the order 15, 40, 2, 25, 22, 6, now the amount to be won is determined by the last number 6 and where it dropped in the pool.

The winning is the stake multiplied by 15, which is the number attached to where 6 dropped.

If the stake is 150, the winning will then be 150 x 15 which equals 2250.

How to place bets on lucky 6

To place a bet, you would be required to select at least 6 numbers from 1-48, click on add bet at the top of the box, then at the right side, enter your stake and click on “pay in” as displayed in the image below.

Special Betting

The special betting is a bit like the usual sport betting where there are several market types.

First Ball Colour: This is predicting the colour the first ball in the pool will be.

You can predict 4 different colours, however, the more your selections the lesser the odd.

What this means is that if you predict that the first ball will be colour A or colour B, the odd would be higher than when you predict that the first colour would be colour A,B,C or D.

Pre numbers Sum (122.5): This is predicting if the sum of the first 5 numbers would be over or under 122.5.

First number even/odd: Predicting if the first number to be drawn will be odd or even.

First number (24.5): Predicting if the first number to be drawn will be over or under 24.5

More even/odd numbers: Predicting if after the draw, there will be more even numbers or odd numbers.

Even/odd Pre numbers: Predicting that there will be more even or odd numbers from the first five draws.


  1. The minimum stake for a Lucky6 bet is 150naira.
  2. Please be aware that all numbers predicted must be displayed in the pool for it to be a won bet, anything contrary is a lost bet.
  3. If the last number falls on the ball with the first star, the winning is doubled, however, if it falls on the second star, the winning is trippled.
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