How do I place a bet on Colossus?

2019-08-01 20:12

You can place a bet at any time after a pool is loaded on the website up until the scheduled kick-off of the first match (leg) in the pool.

Log into your NairaBet account, click on Colossus then click on the pool you want to enter to navigate to the main pool page, where you will see the coupon and betslip for that pool.

On the coupon, make at least one selection in each leg. Each set of selections is known as a ‘line’.

You can make multiple selections per leg but this will increase the cost of your ticket in proportion to the number of lines chosen.

On the betslip, choose your stake per line.

The highlighted default stake allows you to play for the full available jackpot.

You can select a lower (fractional) stake per line but this will also decrease the jackpot prize (and consolation prizes if available) you are playing for in proportion to the stake.

For example, in a 1X2 Pick 5 pool, a N20 stake per line plays for N50, 000; a N50 stake per line plays for N125, 000; a N100 stake per line plays for N250, 000  and a N200 stake per line plays for N500, 000. 

TIP: Click on the stake options and watch how the jackpot prize changes in the headline.

When you are ready to submit your ticket, click the “Play now” button. 

TIP: You can check the final cost and number of lines in your ticket on the “Play now” button before proceeding.

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